From AnR Factory:

“Brace your heartstrings for the stridently impassioned soul in HeartMouth’s latest stormer of an EDM Pop track, Get Right for You. There’s nothing more romantic than someone pulling their psyche into a brighter place for the person that inspired the change, which makes this pop track a rip-roaring roller coaster of all the feels.

From folk-pop style harmonies to entrancing beats, Get Right for You seamlessly transgresses through the atmospheric build-ups and high octane full-frontal harmonic pop proclamations of passion. Get Right for You isn’t just radio-ready; it’s Grammy-worthy. 90s pop boybands eat your heart out.”

From North Carolina State University’s Technician:

“Allen’s lyrics are mainly about the human experience. Gathering inspiration from the harder times in his life, his music is sure to resonate with listeners. 

“If I’m happy, then I don’t tend to write music, I just kind of live in the moment,” Allen said. “But whenever I’m going through something difficult, music is kind of like my therapy.”

This human experience is communicated in HeartMouth’s newest single, “Get Right for You.” Coming together in only a few days, the song digs deep into depression and the feelings faced when at your lowest. The lyrics emphasize thinking about both yourself and those around you, and how that brings the desire for improvement in your own life.”

From PopPassion Blog:

“He could have chosen to make “Get Right for You” a reflective ballad about how much he hurt someone he loved. Instead, he crafted an upbeat pop song declaring that he is motivated to do better.”

From York Calling:

HeartMouth is an American singer-songwriter and musician with an incredibly anthemic sound to his music, as latest track Get Right For You shows.”

From RockThePigeon:

“Wow, these vocals along with the organ will immerse you instantly. I don’t know the last time I was hooked by the first second of a song. The drum build-up with the snare that leads to the hook is music to my ears. I love the blend of the bridge and hook into the beat, the mixing is very well done. “Get Right For You” is beyond catchy with its different approach to this soulful genre.”

From CaesarLivenLoud:

“I am really enjoying HeartMouth’s passionate, dynamic vocal delivery which oozes so much passion and emotion, instantly connecting us to his relatable storytelling. Get Right For You is a song about being honest with your partner about anxiety and depression, and battling it together to be the best version of yourself, for yourself, and for your partner. This heartwarming message is wrapped around a polished pop production packed with emotive piano chords that are nicely intertwined with energetic percussion and catchy rhythms that create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere with an anthemic touch.”


“HeartMouth has a very simple meaning – I like to write very honestly about the human condition and all the emotions that come along with that. I write from the heart, and try and portray those thoughts as vulnerably as I can out of my mouth” Exclusive Interview/May artist of the month

HeartMouth is one of those bands that you can count on to put out awesome music with every new release.

B-Sides & Badlands Exclusive Premiere

A heartbeat throbs through HeartMouth‘s new song, “I Think the World is on Fire,” a sweeping, nearly-six-minute epic conceived in lockdown. With a global pandemic still ripping through people’s lives, singer-songwriter Casey Allen felt compelled to write and record a song for our times; it’s backing vocals eerily stitch together each of our own fragile mental states into a moving refrain, a plea for hope and health.

LA On Lock ‘Be Alright’ Review

This song echoes life by highlighting the choices we make, and accentuating the fact that quite often it’s not over until we decide that it is. There is a folk rock (Mumford & Sons) feeling to this track that serves it well.”