“HeartMouth has a very simple meaning – I like to write very honestly about the human condition and all the emotions that come along with that. I write from the heart, and try and portray those thoughts as vulnerably as I can out of my mouth” Exclusive Interview/May artist of the month!

HeartMouth is one of those bands that you can count on to put out awesome music with every new release.

B-Sides & Badlands Exclusive Premiere!

A heartbeat throbs through HeartMouth‘s new song, “I Think the World is on Fire,” a sweeping, nearly-six-minute epic conceived in lockdown. With a global pandemic still ripping through people’s lives, singer-songwriter Casey Allen felt compelled to write and record a song for our times; it’s backing vocals eerily stitch together each of our own fragile mental states into a moving refrain, a plea for hope and health. ‘Just Tomorrow’ Review

“This is the third straight “awesome” song from HeartMouth since we learned about them a few short months ago.”

The New Fury Premiere of ‘Just Tomorrow’

“North Carolina’s indie-pop-folk-slightly-electronic-catchy-as-hell heroes HeartMouth are back with “Just Tomorrow”; a warm-weather tune (with a powerful message) that will make sitting on your sofa feel just a little bit more like spring break.”

Reignland Review of ‘Just Tomorrow’

HeartMouth releases a fabulous new single titled, “Just Tomorrow”

“I love the beat to this song, I started dancing before I could type! The lyrics are excellent!”

LA On Lock ‘Be Alright’ Review

This song echoes life by highlighting the choices we make, and accentuating the fact that quite often it’s not over until we decide that it is. There is a folk rock (Mumford & Sons) feeling to this track that serves it well.”